Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q and A session...

Well, my camera broke. So, here's an answer to Darla's question...

Q: I'd like to keep my hair color up (it's had the cap thing and then a foil to touch it up) but I had a reaction to the bleach on my scalp with the foils. Is there another way to lighten without overdoing it?

A: Most of the time when you do bleach in foils, it doesn't touch your scalp... but if it did and you got a reaction, it is probably because of a few reasons...

1. The peroxide used was over 20 volume.... You are never supposed to put anything over 20 volume on the scalp as it will burn the scalp. I don't know how dark you are originally, but usually 20 volume will lift it enough, but you have to let it sit on the hair longer.

2. You are allergic to bleach. In that case, you can use hair color to lift the hair to the desired blonde. I usually have to use 30 vol or more when using color to lift, and have to leave it on a long time, as I have found it tends to turn the hair a golden blonde instead of the desired blonde blonde. Another way I make sure it turns a pretty color, is to use an ash blonde color. Make sense?

I always use foils to highlight, as I feel that I have more control over where the color goes, and can get closer to the root, and I almost always weave brown in as well so that the grow-out isn't as bad, and the ends don't gradually go over blonde. I LOVE weaving brown in, and think that even people who want the really blonde look, still should put a little brown in every time.

Another way to avoid the horrible grow-out is to do a finer weave. Or weave more of your natural color in.

Did that help?