Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Demi-permanent hair color

Demi-permanent hair color? "What is that?" you may ask.

Well, it is a mix between permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair color. It fades after about 6 weeks, and maybe gradually washes out over time.

My hair was pretty darn bleach blonde. I always added brown highlights, because your hair always looks better if you do that, and then your roots don't look so bad when they grow in, but overall I was quite blonde. Here's a before picture...

I used Redken color, 4 WG (Warm gold) and I added just a tiny bit of 7N because I was scared it would be too dark :)... Here's what I got...

Here's what it looked like faded about 8 weeks later... (before I colored it again)
Don't you all go out and go dark on me, now! Although I do like it, I do think I look older and not as spunky! I do also think I look like a "pale face" and think I need some bronzer or a tan!

I do LOVE not having roots and feel like my hairstyles are endless now because I am not trying to hide my roots! I also must admit I feel a little sexier! :)

This is a good way to go dark if your not sure that you'll want to stay dark forever, because after it fades, it's not as hard on your hair to go blonde again!


  1. You look best (and youngest) in the 3rd pic! Love that color! Blondes are a dime a dozen. Strawberry red is beautiful and you pull it off very well.

  2. Why bother coloring your hair if you could just remove it, just a waste of time, money and effort. Just have some permanent hair removal to your trusted saloon or whatever it is.

  3. 2nd pic is best, the colour suits your colouring and contrasts well, but you could go even warmer, I think. But good job!