Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eyebrow Threading

My friend got her eyebrows waxed while on Acutane. It did not go over well (her skin came off too).

Then, I waxed my cute little niece's eyebrows while she was on Retna, and it wasn't as bad as my friends, but she was red for days.

When I worked in a salon, I had heard about this technique, called Eyebrow Threading. One of my clients had gone to Korea for the Military and she told me all about it. I was happy to see this video showing me exactly what it is.

I think it's super cool.

I don't believe the crap they say about your hair not growing in thicker though, it's pulling the hair out by the root, the same as waxing does.

I think they should charge more! This would be hard to learn and is a more specialized service.

I still don't know if I really get how the hair actually gets plucked out :)


  1. Kjersty had hers done in Texas, I think Shayna might have too. ask them about it, it seems like it would be way hard, but I guess these ladies that do it are super fast! crazy!! but yeah, it's basically the same as tweezing, as far as results, just faster.

  2. I looked up other viedo's on youtube showing it, and it showed more close-ups... yep, just like tweezing, but fast.

  3. I know that they have been doing in in Scottsdale, AZ for at least 1o years!! When we moved to texas I was pleased to find a place that dose it here too. It is soo fast! here they charge $10-$15.
    ***to my understanding***
    eventully yout hair will grow in thinner b/c whenyou tweeze your eyebrows you are slightly damaging the folical the hair grow out of and the scar tissue will build up and the hair will not grow.

  4. I've gotten this done in Texas and in New Zealand. It is so much faster than waxing or plucking or anything else I've done. It was only like $6. I think waxing hurts a lot more too and with threading I was only red for a few minutes compared to a few hours for waxing.