Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog to check out...

Here's a link to my cousins blog... it's hair care and tips for those on a budget!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Q and A session...

Q: Oh help me!!!! I am trying to grow my hair out. It has been at my chin for about 15-20 years, so I am not really sure what to do with it. It is a little below my shoulders and BUGS me!!! I also feel like it looks better pulled back for right now. I have 3 kids, so nothing fancy please;) Thank you!!!!

A: When trying to grow your hair out, here's my advice...

1. Keep getting haircuts. Your hair will grow out healthier. If you don't, you will just get split ends, it will look straggly, and you will feel worse.

2. Keep changing it a little at a time. Some things you can do to it are...
you can get layers, or shorter layers
more dramatic layers, have the razor taken to take out some of the bulk
have layers put in with the razor so they are kind of "hidden"
you can get more or shorter layers just in the front (called your frontal taper)
a swoop bang
or bangs altogether
or change the color
By changing it a little bit, you will feel better about your hair and will probably have better success.

3. Look at pictures of hairstyles. This will help you see what you want your hair to eventually look like, and give you ideas of what you can do meanwhile in the grow out stage.

4. Talk to your hairstylist! We have tons of ideas and suggestions, we just don't always want to be pushy and tell you to change your hairstyle if you're not ready.

5. Try to style your hair like your hairstylist does (most of the time, ha ha). Some of my clients say that they love the way I style their hair, but then they go home, and just go back to styling it the way they always do. Chances are good that your hairstylist knows what is in style and how your hair looks best. If your hairstylist blow drys your bangs to the side, that's a good hint that a side bang is better than straight down.

in your specific case, I bet that you have little or no layers in there... (?) and I bet you are getting the "Christmas tree effect" where the shape of your hair is like a Christmas tree... thick at the bottom, and then goes smaller/flatter as it goes up to the head. In your specific case, if this is at all what's going on, I would make a dramatic frontal taper, maybe a swoop bang, and do quite a bit of layers. The I would take a razor to take out some of the bulk (but not too much that it destroys the haircut).

Maybe something like this....
Now, since your hair may not be anything like this, my best advice is to look on the internet for pictures (Just go to google, click on the "images" link at the top, then type in "hairstlyes") and then take a picture or two to your hairstylist, and talk to her about it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q and A session...

Well, my camera broke. So, here's an answer to Darla's question...

Q: I'd like to keep my hair color up (it's had the cap thing and then a foil to touch it up) but I had a reaction to the bleach on my scalp with the foils. Is there another way to lighten without overdoing it?

A: Most of the time when you do bleach in foils, it doesn't touch your scalp... but if it did and you got a reaction, it is probably because of a few reasons...

1. The peroxide used was over 20 volume.... You are never supposed to put anything over 20 volume on the scalp as it will burn the scalp. I don't know how dark you are originally, but usually 20 volume will lift it enough, but you have to let it sit on the hair longer.

2. You are allergic to bleach. In that case, you can use hair color to lift the hair to the desired blonde. I usually have to use 30 vol or more when using color to lift, and have to leave it on a long time, as I have found it tends to turn the hair a golden blonde instead of the desired blonde blonde. Another way I make sure it turns a pretty color, is to use an ash blonde color. Make sense?

I always use foils to highlight, as I feel that I have more control over where the color goes, and can get closer to the root, and I almost always weave brown in as well so that the grow-out isn't as bad, and the ends don't gradually go over blonde. I LOVE weaving brown in, and think that even people who want the really blonde look, still should put a little brown in every time.

Another way to avoid the horrible grow-out is to do a finer weave. Or weave more of your natural color in.

Did that help?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Welcome to my new and improved blog. Amber Sky Salon.

Now maybe I won't get sued by Elizabeth Arden :)

If Sophia will let me ever take a picture of her hair, I will do a post soon :)

Otherwise I will have to stick to topics, or adult hair. Any requests? Oh, I could show how to do a haircut again...

We have moved here to Bozeman Montana, and I am taking a break from doing hair out of my house. I am trying to get licensed in this state. And my husband is out of town all the time, so for now it is actually heavenly to not work.

Anyways, let me know if you need advice, or ideas on "mom" hair, or whatever. I'd love to have something to post.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mullet: back or not?

This is one of my cute clients. He always wants this weird mullet thing.

I stole these pictures off his Facebook page. So, Nate, if you read this... I love you and you know I think you are the only one who can pull off this haircut :) Don't be mad, baby. (no, we are not having an affair)

I always have a hard time cutting it. He always tells me, "Go shorter here..." "Don't cut this anymore..." etc. It takes me a good 45 minutes to cut his hair. I am not used to not being able to blend everything :)

Good thing he is cute and super funny, because otherwise it would be so ugly. I love him, so it works I guess.

Is the mullet "in?" Or is it just him being funny?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny story!

I got a letter today via Fed-Ex saying that I was under Trademark Infringement rights!

I guess Elizabeth Arden Inc. has used the name "Red Door" in conjunction with spas, massage, beauty parlor, and beauty counseling services for more than 60 years!

I am sending an apology letter to them, and have agreed to change the name of my blog. I thought my Grandma came up with that name! Ha ha.

The official name of my home salon was just my first and last name, as I didn't want random people calling me to do their hair. Also, since I am moving next week to Montana, I have stopped my salon business for now.

Leave a comment if you want me to continue this blog (sorry I haven't updated much lately) and I'll leave a comment on your blog to let you know that I changed the name :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Demi-permanent hair color

Demi-permanent hair color? "What is that?" you may ask.

Well, it is a mix between permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair color. It fades after about 6 weeks, and maybe gradually washes out over time.

My hair was pretty darn bleach blonde. I always added brown highlights, because your hair always looks better if you do that, and then your roots don't look so bad when they grow in, but overall I was quite blonde. Here's a before picture...

I used Redken color, 4 WG (Warm gold) and I added just a tiny bit of 7N because I was scared it would be too dark :)... Here's what I got...

Here's what it looked like faded about 8 weeks later... (before I colored it again)
Don't you all go out and go dark on me, now! Although I do like it, I do think I look older and not as spunky! I do also think I look like a "pale face" and think I need some bronzer or a tan!

I do LOVE not having roots and feel like my hairstyles are endless now because I am not trying to hide my roots! I also must admit I feel a little sexier! :)

This is a good way to go dark if your not sure that you'll want to stay dark forever, because after it fades, it's not as hard on your hair to go blonde again!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Smaller versions...

When your daughter (or you) has short hair, you can do some of the same hairstyles, but just in smaller versions of it. Here is an example...

I did this post here with these almost knots....

And here's the smaller version I did the other day...


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eyebrow Threading

My friend got her eyebrows waxed while on Acutane. It did not go over well (her skin came off too).

Then, I waxed my cute little niece's eyebrows while she was on Retna, and it wasn't as bad as my friends, but she was red for days.

When I worked in a salon, I had heard about this technique, called Eyebrow Threading. One of my clients had gone to Korea for the Military and she told me all about it. I was happy to see this video showing me exactly what it is.

I think it's super cool.

I don't believe the crap they say about your hair not growing in thicker though, it's pulling the hair out by the root, the same as waxing does.

I think they should charge more! This would be hard to learn and is a more specialized service.

I still don't know if I really get how the hair actually gets plucked out :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Grey

Introducing... Baby Grey.
This is Grey. He is 10 months old. I gave him a haircut today. It was not his first, but it was his first that you could really notice.

I did a #6 on the sides, and a #8 on top. He looks old. I hate it.

And yes, I do know his ears resemble Yoda, and his lips resemble Angelina Jolie. I love this baby. Even if he wakes my up at all hours of the night, makes me hold him all day, and drinks enough formula to feed all the orphans in Haiti.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mini french twist braid...

I did a little french twist braid in front and then curled the back.... See this post if you don't remember how to do the french twist braids...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Topsy Tail

This was easy...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Double Cross Backs to the side

Sorry about this crappy picture... She was running away from me...

I did the Double Cross Backs but to the side, so it ended in one side ponytail.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Short hair...

Sophia would cry if she even saw me holding a brush. I would spray leave-in conditioner and everything... I got so tired of it. So I did this to her hair...

It's cute. Now she is the one who brushes it.

More short styles to come...