Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weird looks...

Sometimes I get looked at weird if I ask my client "Do you want change?" This is why... Some people tip their hairstylist. By some, I mean probably 90% of people.

Well, some people tip and some don't. I just don't think it is a well known thing. It's not a percentage thing either, you don't need to calculate 15% like you do your waitress.

Now that I work from home, I really don't care if people tip or not. I am not working on commission, do not have to pay a booth rent, and I know that my clients love me. I do not expect to be tipped.

That being said, I used to work at Fantastic Sam's, where I did 6+ haircuts an hour, and averaged $7-$13/per hour. To me, that was working hard for no money. So the tips did matter to me. Most people did a $2 tip for a haircut, and a $5 tip for a color or perm.

At JC Penney Salon where I then worked for 3+ years, people tipped a lot better. Probably $5 for a haircut and $10 for a color/perm. That's a big tip though.

When I made my prices at home, I did $23/woman's haircut, thinking they would probably then give me a $2 tip and just give me $25. I priced my colors and perms similar. I think a lot of salons do that, so that's a good number to go by, if their haircuts are $28, you could just round up and give $30.

Although I do appreciate all that I get, and my clients are sooo generous, I really do not care if I get a tip. I just love my clients and I know that they love me even if they don't tip. I like giving my clients a good deal, and especially if they are struggling financially, I'd rather they just save their money :)

Just thought I'd put this out there in case maybe someone will read it and then know a general idea of why I ask that strange question.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


When you are having pictures taken from a distance, it's okay to have "big hair."

Tis was the case today when sitting on santa's lap...

Did a half up-do. Used my messy bun technique.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

French rope braids into a pony

I wanted something that would keep her hair back all day. So I did these three french rope braids and then just pulled them into a messy ponytail.