Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recession Hair #6

Recession Hair tip #6

#6. Go to a cheaper salon. I used to work at a nicer salon, called The Doll House Salon (sounds like a strip joint, huh?) Then at Fantastic Sam's, then at JCPenney Salon, and now at home. Do you think my still level has changed that much during all these different salons? No, I was giving the same basic haircuts at Fantastic Sam's as I was at JCPenny's, I was just charging $10 more at JCPenney's.

By doing it at home, I try to charge about what it costs at Fantastic Sam's. I do not have to pay booth rent, or a commission to the salon, so I try to pass on those savings to my clients. I do need to raise my prices though, my time is worth alot more to me nowadays, and I don't need the money as bad, but I am to scared. If I move again, I will do it, or I will stop doing hair altogether :)

But anyways, that's my tip. Go to a cheaper salon. Most people at Fantastic Sam's brought their kids in, found a stylist that they liked and then came and had their own hair done. That's a good way to go about it I think.

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