Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recession Hair #6

Recession Hair tip #6

#6. Go to a cheaper salon. I used to work at a nicer salon, called The Doll House Salon (sounds like a strip joint, huh?) Then at Fantastic Sam's, then at JCPenney Salon, and now at home. Do you think my still level has changed that much during all these different salons? No, I was giving the same basic haircuts at Fantastic Sam's as I was at JCPenny's, I was just charging $10 more at JCPenney's.

By doing it at home, I try to charge about what it costs at Fantastic Sam's. I do not have to pay booth rent, or a commission to the salon, so I try to pass on those savings to my clients. I do need to raise my prices though, my time is worth alot more to me nowadays, and I don't need the money as bad, but I am to scared. If I move again, I will do it, or I will stop doing hair altogether :)

But anyways, that's my tip. Go to a cheaper salon. Most people at Fantastic Sam's brought their kids in, found a stylist that they liked and then came and had their own hair done. That's a good way to go about it I think.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recession Hair #5

Recession Hair tip #5

#5. Stop coloring your hair. (Don't do it!) But, if you are poor enough, this is one thing you should cut out. It is not really a necessity. (YES IT IS!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Recession Hair #4

Recession Hair tip #4

#4. Touch the color up in between colors. I will admit, that sometimes, I realize my hubby has a work party, or something in the evening, and I don't have much time, so I'll just put a few highlights down my part, and in the front. This only lasts me about 2 weeks before I have to do it again. There is also a color stick that you can buy, or colored powder that you spray on your hair to hide the roots.

This Bumble and Bumble spray powder is $35, so really not to economical. You can use it though if you have thin hair and it really helps make your hair look thicker.

Here's a different one I saw on the Rachel Ray Show that is a bit cheaper, at $21/bottle, still expensive.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recession Hair #3

Recession Hair Tip #3

#3. Color your own hair. I personally color my own. It kinda sucks, I'm not going to lie. It takes me forever, and sometimes my foils bleed, and I have to go an touch it up a bit. But if you want to color your own, I recommend going to Sally Beauty Supply, and asking them to help you.

For example, if you want to go darker than you are, you can use 10 volume. This is the least damaging to your hair.

But if you want grey coverage, you must use 20 volume. Also if you want about the same level of darkness that you already are or if you want to go a little lighter, you can use 20 volume.

If you want to go alot lighter, you should never put above 20 volume on your scalp, so you should use a highlighting cap, or foils and paint it on.

But if you already have colored your hair, and want to go lighter than you are, you must use bleach, not color to lift it. Color will not lift color predictably. That means, that yes, there is a chance it will lift and turn out okay, but it's risky. It may be blotchy, or lift higher on the roots, or whatever... risky.

But what if you don't want the bleached color, but a warm light brown? then you must lift with bleach, then deposit with color. Also, if you want highlights, leave it on longer than you think. Most people don't leave it on long enough when they do it themselves and it turns out brassy, or yellow looking.

I do not really know how to use the grocery store box color, or Sally's kind either. That is just my recommendation.

Actually my recommendation is to not do it. Just pay a professional. It's worth the money.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recession Hair #2

Recession Hair tip #2

#2. Find someone to your hair on trade. My friend comes over and I cut her kids hair for free and then she babysits for me while I do other people's hair. I have also done a trade to have my brother's vents cleaned out for him. I cannot do this too often, because I do need the cash, but if you cannot afford haircuts, this is an option.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recession Hair

Recession Hair. What is that you may ask yourself. Well, there is a number of ways you can save money during this economic crisis.

#1. Cut your kids/husbands hair yourself. I personally think it is worth $9 to go to a professional and spend only 10 minutes in the chair, rather than save yourself $9 and spend an hour cutting it yourself. But, then again, my husband has a job, and I have a job, so money is not as tight in our household. (I do cut all of ours myself, though).

Stay tuned for more Recession Hair tips...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Superbowl commercial contest...

Getting better... I'll start posting again soon.

For now..

My Brother-in law Mark entered the Dorito's Superbowl commercial contest. His video is really funny! You guys should check it out...


What do you think? Is it going to win?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Have you heard of this book called Pinkalicious? Well, It is Sophia's AND Taylor's favorite book. It is so cute. It's about a little girl who eats too many cupcakes and she turns PINK! "My face was pink, my hands were pink, and my belly was the color of a sunset!"

You should check out their site here. They have idea's for having a pinkalicious party, they have coloring pages and more. So Cute.
This is what Sophia wanted to be for Halloween. It was honestly her idea!

Here's how I did her hair... Sorry about the bad pictures, but it's a upside down topsy tail.
So that it looks like this when done.

And I managed to come home from trick or treating with a fever and body-aches (SWINE FLU) I figured it's my turn, since my other kids have been sick for the last 10 days (grrr).... but my husband thought it was awfully convenient that he had to give Sophia her bath and wash all that pink off her face and hair.

I love Halloween and my kids. I never want them to grow up.

Puff braid crown...

Remember this post I did about this princess twist? Well, I thought I'd do something a little bit like it, but simpler for those who have not mastered the twisting technique yet...

It's a puff braid crown...
I just started on one side, and went down to about the ear, then started taking sections from the back...

I just put elastics all the way down the pony...

Then into a bun... secured it with two bobby pins.

All done.