Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to get volume...

If you are needing some volume, and don't like to rat your hair...

Blow dry your hair in the opposite direction that you want it to lay...

And then this side...

And wala! Now that I finally highlighted those nasty roots, I can give you a self portrait.
Hi. Oh, I guess some of you don't know me :) I'm Amber. I have three kids, a boy who's 4 1/2 named Taylor, a girl who's 2 1/2 named Sophia, and a baby boy who is 6 months old named Grey.

I love doing hair, and like my job most of the time. It is still a job, and only makes my life crazier, but I like the extra money, and I know I will want to have a job when my kids are in school, so I am just trying to keep my business small and hang in there for a few years.

I have given up most of my hobbies because of my rambunctious kids, so I guess blogging is my new hobby. Anyways... hope you enjoy my silly little blog.


  1. I love your hair!! GORGEOUS! I am growing mine out again after being talked into a short emo do...I am too old for that and vow never to chop again!

  2. Love your stuff!! It's so fun!! Don't you love redoing roots!? Check mine out too-

  3. Your hair is gorge!! What products do you use?