Friday, October 30, 2009


I know this is a hair blog, but today I was like, "Oh my gosh, my eyebrows need waxing SOOOO bad!" So I thought we could talk about eyebrows.

Before. Embarrassing, huh?

Here is the general rules for eyebrows...

Use a pencil and draw a line from your nose to the corner of your eye to your brow. that's where your brow should start.

Okay, for the arch... Draw a line from your nose to the middle of your eye, and up to your brow. That's where your highest point of your arch should be...
Then, for the end of your brow, you should draw a line from your nose to the corner of your eye, to your brow. I should try to grow mine in a little tiny bit there.

I usually don't remove any hair above the brow. I will wax the top a little to remove any stragglers, but generally, you want your eyes to look bigger and open, and if you remove a bunch of hair above the brow going into it, it will make your eyes look smaller or saggy.

I also used some matte eyeshadow and filled in my brows a bit. I have really light eyebrows and eyelashes, so I've found if I fill them in a little, they look better.

I like to keep the natural shape of a person's eyebrow. If you naturally have straighter eyebrows, I like to still wax an arch in there, but for the the general shape, I would keep them kind of straight... Make sense?

For more eyebrow tips go to They tell you everything you may ever need to know about eyebrows.