Friday, September 25, 2009

Topsy Tails

Remember those old infomercials that advertised that thing that made it easy to do "Topsy tails?" Well, now I don't know what else to call these.
My cute sister-in law did this to Sophia's hair while hubby and I were having a romantic night away (loved it-wondered why I decided to have 3 kids?)

Anyways... Topsy Tails...
Don't do the pony tail tight...

It's easiest if you use something sharp and separate the hair like so...



  1. oh that's really cute. i'll try on sage & send you a pic if it turns out!! ;)

  2. hey, im a teenager, from venezuela and im looking at your blog for the first time and i must say i love it... tried this topsy tail hairdo and its awesome not only for little girls. thanks for blogging