Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something new...

I was inspired by these cornrows on this blog post by GirlsCurls, to do this corn row on Sophia...
I love her hair in a single ponytail, but the front never stays in, so thanks for the great idea!

I just did one little one on the other side...
Then I am doing another up-do technique... It's like the messy bun one from this post I did, but instead of just looping it, you pull the end through like you are going to tie a knot.
And then bobby pin it...
Go all around and do it until all the hair is up... I think I only did three chunks of hair.
All done...
Not the smoothest, but she's only two, and I am chasing her as I do her hair:) so bear with me.


  1. we did this today! added a few small flowers in the back. I found also, do that twisty crown, but just to the back and put in a pony. super cute on skye. Kels hair is so thin, this works better!

  2. Cute! Thanks for the mention :) I wish I could do those kind of messy buns with my daughters hair but it is soooo long it just doesn't work lol.


  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it. I do have a question though. My daughter is 5 and has really thick hair, she wants to grow it out long (middle of back) but the longest I can get it to grow is right below her shoulders. Any suggestions on how to help it grow longer? I trim her hair about once a month and take as little off as possible and it is washed every other day. Thanks so much!!!!! Email me at