Friday, August 7, 2009

Simple girl's haircut

Here's a simple girl's haircut...

Start wet, and comb straight down. Have her put her chin to her chest.

Section off a middle section and decide how much you want to cut. Cut that straight. Make sure that is straight or else you will screw up the whole thing... Now use that as your guide and continue on to the next section...
See the guide? Just do the two sections on each side of the first one you did, then comb down again, step back, make sure it is all even...
Then do another section on each side.... Check it again.
When you get around to the hair by the ears, she doesn't have to look down anymore.
Until you are all done!! Check again, step back and pull the hair on both sides down at the same time to make sure they are even... and then check again.

Sorry there's not a good finished product picture. It looked way cleaner, and you could see a definite line, instead of scraggly ends.

P.S. Don't get mad at me if you mess up. I spent 2000 freakin hours perfecting these stupid haircuts.


  1. you make it seem so easy.... I want to try it so bad. uh... what to do. I have screwed this up so many times. I won't cut my daughters hair but friends have insisted I cut theirs. I warned them but they wouldn't listen. If I can get the nerve to do it I will send you Pix. Thank you for showing how its done.

  2. I have a question. When you are doing the hair by the ears, do you pull it to the back to cut it or to the side of the shoulder?