Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Boys haircut

Here's a boy's haircut for you... Again.. Disclaimer... Sorry if you screw up your kids' hair. I love you and only want to help you save some money.

While dry, take the clippers (the longer clipper guard you do for this part, the easier the haircut will be)... So you could do like a #6. I'm doing a #4 here, and that means it's going to be 1/2 inch long.

Do this part to about where the hairline pokes out... See below. (Nice tongue)

See, when it's wet, you can see a weight line... see that? You are going to have to blend that in a bit, but cut the top first in 3 sections... the middle and two side sections.
Now wet it. (or if you want a really short haircut, use a #8 all over the top).

Now cut it going horizontally... Only the middle section though.

Now use the piece that you cut, and bring it forward a bit and use that as a guide to know how much to cut off the next section... See the guide in this picture below?
Keep going all the way to the front...
Now take that whole middle section you cut and make a mowhawk. This is called cutting it vertically... You pull it up, and only cut off the points to make it even...

Now take a little piece of the middle section and use that as your guide to cut the two sides of the top section... See the piece that is by my my fingertip? That's my guide.

Now take that section and pull it up vertically also.... See in this picture you can see the point that needs to be cut off... Cut off all the points as you pull it vertically.

Pull it down in front to cut the bangs.

Now this is the hard part... blend the top with the sides. Pretty much just combine the two, by cutting off the points... See, I'm going to cut off this whole point to combine the piece that is up in the crack of my finger to the piece that is down by my fingertip...
Go all around the head, taking little sections, cutting off the points....
(there is a technique that you can use here that is called scissor over comb that is a little more difficult but you basically just comb the hair upwards while cutting the hair to blend it)
Make sure it's blended/cut enough in the back...

All blended...
Don't forget to use the neck trimmers and cut the hairline and around the ears and sideburns!

All done.

Any questions? Hope I didn't confuse you too much :)

Let's recap.
1.Clippers on sides.
2. Cut the top in 3 sections, middle, and two sides... Using horizontal cutting, put then pull it up in a vertical section and cut off the points.
3. blend the sides
4. trim hairline/around ears/sidburns

Easy, huh?


  1. Thanks for showing how to do the cuts. Not sure if I am brave enough to try. Glad to have found your site.

  2. Sorry....I forget that it posts my hubby's name

  3. You posted this a day late. I took Ethan to my friend to do his hair and she tried to explain how to do this only hers was more complicated because she doesn't use attachments. I'm trying it your way next time.

  4. I just found your blog, and I am so excited about this tutorial. I have been wanting to learn this for a LONG time. My little boy is 2, and I have tried to cut his hair a few times already. It's OK, but not great. This is so helpful! I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off, but I'm certainly going to try it. My hubby says he's willing to let me cut his hair if I learn, but I'm not even close to that yet. Maybe if I try this a few times on my little boy, I'll get comfortable enough to try it on my hubby. Somehow it's not as big of a deal if my little boy has a messed-up hairdo :)


    (P.S. Ignore the "Vanden Flaus" thing. It's my husband's blog that he set up forever ago and posted to only twice. I don't have my own blog, though.)

  5. Thank you, Amber!!! I spend $40 every 2 months on my husband and 12 yr old son's haircuts. I read your blog a month ago and told my husband I wanted to try cutting his. He bought me professional hair kit for Christmas and he and my son were very nervous this morning. I did it!! Their hair look so good and no lines. I am so proud of myself and they are totally impressed. My husband says it looks as good as when our hair stylist does it. Thank you! I plan on using your girls haircut tutorial for my 3 girls. yay!