Sunday, July 19, 2009

Messy buns

I am calling this the Messy buns.

This is a cute way to finish off any do. if you do a french braid, single pony, or half up, you can use this technique almost any time to finish it off. If you are doing it on an older will not take long once you figure it out. My two year old is a wiggler, so it takes me a few minutes.

I like to start with damp hair, put some pomade in it, rub downward, to smooth the frizzies. Then I did pig tails...
Take a section from the pony and hair spray it and pull it to smooth the frizzy's. Then, put it between your fingers like so, like it's a ribbon.
You can curl the hair before you loop it, but you don't have to. Sophia's hair is natural curly... so I didn't :) It will look more formal if you curl it, more playful/spunky if you don't.
Then fold the hair over, and bobby pin it like so... If your child's hair is too fine for bobby pins to stay in, buy little tiny ones at the beauty supply, or if you criss-cross them, they will hold better
If your daughter has longer hair and there is a piece sticking out funky like in this picture, loop it again and bobby pin it so it makes a new loop.

Get another chunk of hair and do it again. You go around in a circle and keep looping it, pinning it... so it looks like so... DON'T forget tons of hairspray all throughout and when you are done.

Finished product...

And after a long 3 hours of church... a little messy, but still cute...

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  1. Love how those messy buns turned out..oh yeah and the glasses:) Very cute!