Friday, January 18, 2013

Tips for healthy eating and getting your kids to eat anything!


Food. Those who don't have kids, scroll down, this post could still be for you.

My kids are great at eating whatever I give them. Here's some tips I came up with to help you so you wont have a picky eater...

1. I do not serve the same food over and over. We eat frozen pizza maybe once every three months. I rotate all recipes, and if I can remember the last time I served it... it is too soon. Taylor LOVES hot dogs. When I buy a package, it is gone in about two days. SO I don't buy them again for months. Same with any kid food. If he starts to ask for Spaghettio's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I don't buy any again for a LONG time.

2. Every meal serve vegetables. Not the same green beans all the time, but do the same as above, rotate them.

3. If my kids won't eat what I serve them, I put plastic wrap on their plate, and put it in the fridge. Then in an hour when they ask for something to eat, I pull out dinner. Over and over. Then they'll eat it when they are hungry enough or want desert.

4. Motivate them with desert. If Taylor ate all his dinner, but Sophia didn't, she does not get any desert, and watching Taylor eat one of these Mighty Mini Popsicles is enough to persuade her.
They are about 3 inches big, and 1 inch wide. I love them too.

5. Serve healthy snacks. Here's some that we love...

Cheese slices
Apple slices
Frozen Blueberries (John's Favorite)
Frozen Peas and Carrots
Low fat Popcorn
Toast or bread
Fruit (canned or fresh)
Broccoli and carrots dipped in Ranch
Steamed Yams or make homemade fries (in oven) with Yams
Steamed Carrots
Homemade french fries in oven

Here's some ideas for frozen/easy meals so you don't always serve frozen pizza or the same thing over and over...

Frozen Pizza
Frozen Lasagna
Frozen Ravioli
Frozen Tortellini
Frozen Pot pies
Quesadilia's (Put chicken and fresh spinach in them, and for adults, you can put some canned green chilies in them too)
Homemade Burritos (we do them with just re fried beans and cheese) You can bake them, microwave them, or fry. (we don't fry)
Tator Tots
Frozen Hash Browns (or make them homemade) and then cook eggs with them.
Any breakfast foods (we eat breakfast for dinner... pancakes, waffles, eggs, Cream of wheat, etc)

6. I've noticed that red meat is expensive and hard for my kids to chew, so we RARELY eat it. I get a couple big things of Boneless skinless Chicken breasts and boil it all that same day. Then, cut up, and put in baggies in the freezer. They thaw so fast and there is a ton of easy meals you can make with just chicken like that. Even if you don't have time to thaw it, make soup with it. Here's some ideas of easy meals I do with the chicken...

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
Chicken and noddles and pesto sauce (I buy the packets of Alfredo and pesto, just so I have something to make at all times)
Chicken soup- with noodles, carrots, peas, chicken bullion cubes
Chicken soup- with potatoes and vegetables, bullion cubes
Chicken soup- with rice and vegetables and Cream of chicken soup
Chicken soup- with homemade noodles, veggies and cream of chicken soup
Chicken and rice (with a can of cream of chicken soup mixed with sour cream and swiss cheese on top)
Chicken Stir fry (I try to do fresh vegetables, but sometimes I'll buy a bag of frozen stirfry vegetables)
Chicken and teriyaki sauce, and rice or just vegetables
Hawaiian Haystacks
Chicken and stove top
Chicken Cordon Blue Casserole (for recipe, leave me a comment)
Chicken Zucchini Casserole
Chicken and just vegetables (for this one, I cook the chicken again in a frying pan that has a little olive oil in it and put some yummy Montreal Chicken seasoning on it )
Chicken Enchiladas (I have about three different recipes I use)
Chicken taco's
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chicken, seasoning, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of corn, a can of black beans over chips
Chicken cooked with carrots and potatoes in oven with some Zesty Italian dressing on it
Chicken and mashed potatoes and chicken gravy

7. Here's some ideas for ground beef... get the 96% kind.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs with rice
I cook a whole bunch with Salt and pepper and an onion, then make about three meals with it for the next few days...
Stroganough (have no idea how to spell that)
Beef Enchilada's
Shepard's Pie
Meat and vegetable soup with noodles, or potatoes.
Tortellini soup (beef and veg soup with a red sauce, and put tortellini's in it)

Anyways, you all probably think I am the best mom and I rock. Well, here's some things I suck at that maybe you can learn from my mistakes... Start young...

1. Make your kid sit at the table... and turn off the TV to eat. (I used to chase around the house, or let them eat on the couch, and now they have finally learned...kinda)
2. Make them feed themselves.
3. Let them help you cook.
4. Make them put their plate in the sink when done and help you clean up.
5. Make them wash hands before they eat.
6. Let them get messy with their food. (mine HATE having food on hands or face)
7. Don't let them get full on Milk or snacks.
8. Try not to keep candy/ice cream/cookies in the house. They will get eaten by you or them.

Fix for a small mud room

Living in Montana, we have TONS of snow clothes! We were overloading our coat rack so one of my client's husbands made the bench part of this for me and then I put up the bead-board and molding and hooks and painted it!

I must say, it was easy! He would not let me pay him, but  I did his wife's hair for free for awhile... They are so sweet, and I love my clients! I love my job!  Anyways, I thought this was a great idea for a small space, I had NO room for cubbie's or lockers or anything since it's just a little laundry room right in from the garage. 

I had this yellow paint I had bought as a miss-tint for $3, I used some stain I had to rub in the cracks,  and the bead-board was on clearance for $9 (I bought two of those long packages) and the board and hooks were cheap.... so in all I think I spent around $40!! I did do some services for free for the bench part, but I was really please with the price I paid!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new twist on a old favorite...

I did a hairstyle on Sophia but changed it up a little...

I started with four little ponytails and instead of starting at the front, had them go father back on her head...
Then you just cut the pony in half, and then add a half from the pony next to it... etc...

And done! Pretty easy and super cute.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

One side braid

Here's one of the simple hairstlyes I do on Sophia...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Picky Sophia

This is how she wants her hair most days...
I'll either do a rope braid, or a french braid in the front, just to keep it out of her face. Still cute, but nothing too special :) I'll post some small changes I make to this basic hairstyle.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My hair as of late....

So, I cut myself bangs. I pretty much hate them. I have a little forehead, so at first they were like 2 inches long.
They are in my eyes all day, so most days I pin them back with a bobby pin like in this picture...

I also dye it occasionally with my Demi permanent hair color and then recently I added some blonde highlights to give it something extra...

Pony tails look cuter with bangs, and bangs give you more style.

I wrapped a piece around the elastic and secured it below with a bobby pin... easy, but just all little something extra :) Just ignore the baby

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double french braids

Offer this little 4 year old a mini candy bar and wala! She'll let me take a few pictures for the blog.

It's pretty self explanatory... Just two little french braids, then combine them and add a flower clip.